Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sentara Lake Ridge Begins to Take Shape

Construction has begun on Sentara Lake Ridge – an innovative and modern outpatient healthcare campus that will offer convenient, high quality medical services and a patient-focused experience.

The building is a tilt-up design, which incorporates architectural and structural elements within 16’ x 36’ sections of the exterior walls. Similar to pre-cast construction, forms are fabricated onsite with brick details set within the forms. Concrete is poured, finished and cured within the forms. Once completed, over 240 linear feet of exterior wall panels are lowered by crane onto the foundation over a 2-3 day period. This process forms the exterior of the building.

Once in place, structural steel is erected within the interior of the building. One significant benefit of this architectural design is a shorter schedule, saving up to three months compared to erecting the structural “skeleton” first and then framing and applying brick to the exterior of the building. This phase of construction will be completed in mid-August.

Sentara Lake Ridge is Sentara Healthcare’s first outpatient facility in Northern Virginia to provide 24-hour emergency care and advanced imaging by board-certified physicians and laboratory services.

Located at the corner of Minnieville Road and Summit School Road, the 43,500 square-foot facility is expected to open in early 2012.