Monday, August 23, 2010

Debunking the Myths of Prostate Cancer

A FREE Seminar from Sentara Potomac Hospital

Did you know that men who wish to be screened for prostate cancer should have both a prostate specific antigen (PSA) test and a digital rectal exam (DRE)?

Urologist Dr. Inderjit Singh separates fact from myth regarding prostate cancer treatments, side effects, and risks and offers professional medical advice regarding screening recommendations from the American Urological Association. Blood pressure and cholesterol screenings will also be available. Ladies are welcome to attend! Find more information at

This free seminar will be held on Thursday, Sept. 30, 5:30 - 7:30 p.m., at the Spring Hill Clubhouse, 8946 Yellow Daisy Place, Lorton, Virginia. Click here to register or call our Health Connection at (703) 221-2500.

Sentara Potomac Hospital Offers Free Foot Screenings

For Those Who Suffer from Foot Pain

Pain in your feet can affect a person’s ability to enjoy the most basic activities of daily life. For those who suffer from foot pain, Sentara Potomac Hospital is offering two free foot screenings. At the screenings, specially-trained podiatrists will provide free consultations and explain available treatment options and ways to relieve your foot pain. These consultations will last approximately 10-15 minutes and are by appointment only.

LORTON: Friday, Sept. 17, 9 – 11 a.m. at Spring Hill Clubhouse, 8946 Yellow Daisy Place, Lorton, Virginia.

SENTARA POTOMAC HOSPITAL: Saturday, Oct. 23, 9 a.m. – 12 p.m. at Sentara Potomac Hospital.

These screenings are free but an appointment is required. Click here for an appointment or call our Health Connection at (703) 221-2500.

Aching Back? Hurting Joints?

Sentara Potomac Hospital Offers FREE Fall Seminars
for Those Suffering from Back, Neck or Joint Pain

Joint Replacement: Is it right for you?
Do you suffer from severe knee, hip or shoulder pain due to arthritis or other joint problems? Joint replacement surgery may help you return to a more active lifestyle. At this free seminar, orthopedic surgeon Joseph Hanna, M.D., will discuss advances in treatment options and new minimally invasive techniques, including gender knees and partial replacements. A question and answer period will follow the seminar.

This free program will be held on Saturday, Sept. 25, 12:00 – 1:30 p.m. in the Hylton Education Center at Sentara Potomac Hospital. Click here to register, or call our Health Connection at (703) 221-2500.

Solutions to Back & Neck Pain
If you are considering surgery to relieve your back pain or if you suffer from chronic neck or back pain, recurrent pain, or leg or sciatica pain, you’ll want to attend this free seminar presented by Paymaun Lotfi, M.D., who is medical director of Sentara Potomac Hospital’s Spine Center.

Dr. Lotfi is a specialist in Minimally Invasive Spinal Surgery (MISS). Removing herniated discs and other common back operations can now be performed using minimally invasive techniques. These new surgical procedures are more precise, cause less damage to the surrounding tissue and require much smaller incisions. That means faster recoveries and shorter hospital stays for patients.

This free program will be held on Wednesday, Oct. 6, 7:00 to 8:30 p.m. in the Hylton Education Center at Sentara Potomac Hospital. Click here to register, or call our Health Connection at (703) 221-2500.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Weight Loss Surgery & Health Living Expo to be Held on Sept. 19

Open to all, Sentara Potomac Hospital’s Weight Loss Surgery & Healthy Living Expo has something for everyone -- whether you want to learn about weight loss surgery, are currently pursuing surgery, or are experiencing life after surgery. This year’s event has a special focus on proper nutrition and exercise.

The Expo will be held on Sunday, September 19, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the Hylton Education Center at Sentara Potomac Hospital. Join us and attend learning sessions, meet our doctors and staff, visit exhibits, and watch our ‘Look at Me Now’ Fashion Show featuring our weight loss surgery patients.

Participants will also learn about healthy eating, exercise programs, vitamin supplements, plastic surgery options, and revisional surgery. Plus, tour the Weight Loss Surgery Unit, sample our healthy smoothies and enter our raffle to win a Wii Fit!

Keynote speaker, Delegate Rosalyn R. Dance, a resident and former mayor of Petersburg and a gastric banding weight loss surgery patient, will share her story of success.

Free! Click here to register or call Sentara Potomac’s Health Connection at 703-221-2500. For more information please email or call 703-730-4456.

How Sweet the Sound

Healing Strings Provide a Soothing Melody

Ten years ago, Debbie Doyle woke up in her hospital room after having surgery and heard what she thought were the most peaceful and healing sounds coming from the hallway. A harpist was outside her hospital room door playing music for everyone on the recovery unit. A musician by trade and passion, Doyle decided that day that she wanted to touch patients in the hospital the same way.

Ten years later, Doyle is now fulfilling her goal of providing music therapy to hospital patients by volunteering every week at Sentara Potomac Hospital. After meeting Sentara Potomac Hospital Chaplain Carol Wille at a retreat, she and Wille launched ‘Healing Strings’.

“When Carol and I met at the retreat we began talking about my desire to provide music therapy at a hospital,” says Doyle. “As fate would have it, Carol had also seriously been thinking about starting a music program at Sentara Potomac, and the rest is history. I’m so glad that we were able to come together and start this program. I’ve been thinking about it for 10 years.”

A church choir director since 1978 and a school and private music teacher for the past 12 years, Doyle also sings, plays the piano, guitar, Native American flute and various other instruments. She began to learn the harp a few years ago in order to play soothing harp music for hospital patients.

“My passion has always been music ministry,” says Doyle. “Starting Healing Strings is another outlet for that passion. I love what music does for the heart and soul. One day I was playing on the Surgical Unit and all of a sudden a patient began singing the lyrics along with my harp. She had tears in her eyes and the patients and staff were so appreciative. That’s really what it’s all about – making people feel good through music.”

According to Chaplain Wille, patients aren’t the only ones enjoying Healing Strings.

“Debbie has received such a positive reception from everyone,” says Wille. “Hospital nurses and staff have stopped me and asked when ‘the harpist’ will be back. I’m thrilled that everyone looks forward to her visits --- we are accomplishing our goal of providing music therapy at Sentara Potomac. We are also hopeful that more people in our community with musical talents will consider being a volunteer with the Healing Strings program.”

Healing Strings Music Therapy is looking for more musically talented volunteers to join the program. If you’re interested in volunteering for this program, please contact Chaplain Carol Wille at 703-583-3003.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wellness Wit and Wisdom

By Maureen Deutermann, MSN, R.N.
Director of Community Education

I will never forget the most horrid night’s sleep of my life. It happened the night I shared my daughter’s bedroom.

I only undertook this folly as an out-of-town guest was given the only habitable bedroom in the Deutermann hostel: my own. Just plowing my way to the spare bed was an athletic feat in itself. I finally managed to settle in among the dozen or so stuffed animals who were sharing the mattress. This was like sleeping in one of those catch-the-stuffed-animal cages at carnivals; I half expected to see a big black claw dangling overhead!

Even the “stuffy” brigade could have been overcome, but I still found myself wide-eyed most of the night. Why? The wall clock had a tick-tock that could have single-handedly raised Lazarus. Not to mention that the fan my daughter must have blowing at tornado speed (and sound!) in order to successfully catch her beauty rest was competing for the highest decibel award with the clock. I would’ve had a better night’s rest in the middle of a football stadium at half time.

While my worst sleepless night could be attributed to some extreme circumstances, lack of sleep is a common problem and most Americans don’t get enough. Some lucky people can get by on 5 hours of sleep, but the average adult needs 7-8 hours per night in order to stave off daytime drowsiness, and perform optimally on the job. One in four Americans reports getting an average of 6 hours of sleep or less per night. In fact, most adults report feeling sleepy during the day at least a few times monthly. About 75 percent of Americans report regular or occasional insomnia or other sleep-related disorders such as sleep apnea or restless leg syndrome.

The consequences of too little sleep include irritability, increased errors on the job, and slower reaction time. If you count yourself among the sleep deprived, here are some tips to get back on the road to healthy zzzz’s:

1. Stick to a regular sleep schedule. Sad to say, but trying to “catch up” by sleeping in on weekends doesn’t help. Naps are ok, but brevity is key here. Anything longer than 30 minutes can interrupt sleep schedule and cause grogginess.

2. Take stock of your sleeping atmosphere. Room temperature should be comfortable. This is an individual issue. My daughter obviously considers an igloo comfortable. I, on the other hand, prefer something a bit more temperate.

3. Minimize distractions; if I find myself in unenviable position of sharing my daughter’s room again, the clock is history, along with the plethora of stuffed animals. Either the fan or my daughter will have to go too. This is serious stuff!

4. Spending a lot of time at the computer may be hazardous to your sleep patterns. Take a break at least every hour; close your eyes, roll your shoulders, etc.

5. Cultivate your relationships. Loneliness breeds insomnia!

For help finding a sleep medicine specialist, call Sentara Potomac Hospital’s Health Connection referral service at 703-221-2500 or online at

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sentara Potomac Hospital Partners with Prince William Courage

Hospital to Provide Sports Medicine Services to Soccer Club

Sentara Potomac Hospital Sports Medicine and NoVa Orthopedic and Spine Care have teamed up with Prince William Soccer, Inc. to provide sports medicine services to soccer athletes who participate with the Prince William Courage.

The Sentara Potomac Hospital Sports Medicine and NoVa Orthopedic and Spine Care team consists of physical therapists, certified athletic trainers, and orthopedic surgeons who specialize in sports medicine. These specialists, along with Sentara Potomac Hospital’s state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging services, can help athletes get back in the game when injuries occur.

This partnership will allow Prince William Courage athletes to have quick access to Sentara Potomac Hospital’s Emergency Care Center, diagnostic studies, and appointments with the appropriate medical specialist.

Certified Athletic Trainers (ATCs) will be on the soccer fields during Prince William Courage camps, tournaments and games for U12-U19 athletes. If there is an injury, the ATCs evaluate the athlete and recommend and expedite the appropriate medical care. NoVa Orthopedic and Spine Care physician, Dr. Richard Layfield, a board-certified orthopedist with a certificate of added qualification in sports medicine, will be on call to order needed testing and will provide next-weekday office appointments for injured Courage athletes. Dr. Layfield also works with area high schools to provide care to high school athletes. Fast track service is also available to athletes who are injured during practice.

“We are very excited about our partnership with Sentara Potomac Hospital and NoVa Orthopedic,” says Mike Yeatts, executive director of Prince William Soccer. “It will be great having the peace of mind that our athletes will be taken care of immediately if they are injured. Keeping our athletes safe and healthy are top priorities at PWSI and this partnership will help ensure that they receive the proper care in a timely manner.”

About NoVa Orthopedic and Spine Care
NoVa Orthopedic and Spine Care consists of specially-trained orthopedic surgeons who use state-of-the-art techniques and procedures. They specialize in sports medicine, minimally invasive spinal surgery and joint replacement. Their office is located in the Potomac Professional Village, 2028B Opitz Blvd., in Woodbridge. Phone: 703-490-1112. For more information visit

About Prince William Soccer, Inc.
Prince William Soccer is one of the largest and most progressive clubs in Virginia with over 4,000 members. The mission of Prince William Soccer is to make meaningful contributions to the community through the game of soccer. They offer programs for beginners through the highest level of competition. They strive to maximize the potential of every player which includes helping to develop character, sportsmanship, teamwork and other important life skills. Over the years, many PWSI athletes have gone on to enjoy productive high school, college and even professional soccer careers. Businesses or organizations interested in partnering with PWSI or are encouraged to contact Mike Yeatts at 703-670-6061 or For more information visit