Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Potomac Boulevard Receives Interior Design Award

Potomac Hospital and Huelat Parimucha Ltd. were awarded an honorable mention award by the American Society of Interior Designers for the Potomac Boulevard project. The 2009 Interior Design Competition Award, Healthcare/Long-term Care/Clinic Category, was presented during the ASID Washington Metro Chapter’s 2009 Celebrate Design Awards Celebration at the Ronald Reagan Building in Washington, D.C.

Potomac Boulevard is a wide, spacious corridor that leads visitors and patients from the front entrance through the hospital with several stops on the way -- a new gift shop, Worship Room and Jazzman’s Café, a coffee and snack bar. Potomac Boulevard is not only a renovated space. It’s designed to help visitors find their way through the hospital with ease.

“The Boulevard was designed with the same wayfinding elements that are present throughout the hospital,” says Barbara Huelet of Huelet Parimucha Healthcare Design. “We’ve incorporated colors and design elements that gently guide visitors to their destinations.”

“The most important element,” says Huelet, “is the fact that the Boulevard is essentially a straight line to the new patient care building – no more twists and turns.”