Monday, March 14, 2011

Ask Our Experts

Confused and overwhelmed with diabetes? Don't be - we're here to help.

My doctor told me that I have diabetes. There’s so much information to learn about my condition and I feel overwhelmed by the changes I have to incorporate into my everyday life. How do I deal with this?

“Your concerns are very common for someone who has just been diagnosed with diabetes,” says Nadine Young, R.D., CDE, Coordinator of the Diabetes Management Program at Sentara Potomac Hospital. “Since diabetes is a chronic disease it has to be managed, not cured, which is one reason it’s difficult to deal with at first. Understandably, people just want to ‘fix it’."

“Many who are diagnosed with diabetes feel lost or confused because of the complexity of the disease,” says Young. “The good news is that it’s a diabetes educator’s job to teach you how to manage this disease successfully.”

“Our Diabetes Management Program is staffed with highly trained diabetes educators and registered dietitians who are here to help you,” explains Young. “After we take a detailed medical history, we teach you how to effectively test your blood glucose levels, plan your meals and manage your medications. Our team approach to managing your diabetes can help you avoid or delay the complications of this disease.”

This program is designed to complement your doctor’s care and requires a doctor's prescription. If you or someone you love has diabetes, Sentara Potomac Hospital’s Diabetes Management Program can help. Call 703-670-1767 or 540-659-1800, ext. 1767 for more information or go to